AMF Control Panel

If you have a generator at your industry or home as alternate source of electrical supply. What do you do when Main Supply fails? Just you go to your generating set in dark to turn it on then you go to your manual changeover and change it to generator supply, when main supply comes again you changeover load to main supply and shut off the genrator. Don't you sometimes fed up from this exercise and want this to be automatic? Our AMF Panel is there to help you.

Auto Mains Failure (AMF) panel starts Generating set when mains fails then your load is transferred to generator's  supply. When Mains supply resumes,  it transfers load  to Mains supply again and shut off the Generator, everything automatically.

AMF panel contains set of relays for automatic start stop of generator,  set of electrically operated breakers (Contactors or Air Circuit Breaker depending upon rating of Generator),  safety devices for protecting of your Generator from over load and short circuit protection, meters to observe electrical parameters (Voltage, Current, Wattage Energy etc.) and indicating lights to check status of generator and Mains supplies.

amf10bd.gif (4804 bytes)             amf500bd.gif (6948 bytes)

AMF Panel for 15-437 KVA AMF Panel         AMF Panel for 500-1250 KVA AMF Panel 




A - Ammeter   V- Voltmeter

Hz - Frequency Meter

KW - KiloWatt Meter

PF - Power Factor Meter

KWH - Energy Meter

HM - Hour Meter

Indicating Light:-

L1 - Set Running

L2 - Load On set

L3 - LLOP fault

L4 - HWT fault

L5 - Battery Charger on

L6 - Priming Pump on

L7 - Spare


ACB - Air Circuit Breaker


VSS - Voltmeter Sel. Switch

BSS - Bus Voltage Sel. Switch

ASS - Ammeter Sel. Switch.

MAT - Manual/Auto/Test Switch (for AMF   operation

TBS - Trickle/Boost switch (For Battery charger)

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