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Expansion of Your Plant:

Suppose you have a single Generator of 100kW capacity in your works, capable enough to feed   your entire load. Now you have planning to add new machinery in your industries and that causes more power requirement, say 200kW. You are left with two option, one is to discard 1MW set and buy new 200kW set and that you think is expensive, secondly buy another 1MW set and re-distribute your load so that each Generating set can feed 1000W power separately which may not be feasible.

Synchronization of  two nos. 100kW Generators  can solve the problem. These two 1MW sets can be synchronized to feed 200kW and act as virtual single 200kW Generators. Any numbers of DG can be synchronized to meet your increasing load

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Some Industries have critical process machines which require continuous power supply and any momentary interrupt can cause substantial production loss. These machines generally run on Generating set. But when maintenance time of Generator approaches, load has to be cut off from first generator and transfer to another set to start production immediately, however interruption while load transferring sometimes not acceptable

Synchronization can avoid this momentarily break in following way, while transferring load to another generator, this generator can be synchronized with running generator and after synchronization, load can be transferred to second set and first set can be shut off for maintenance. So your critical load do not have any interruption at all.

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Power requirement of industries may vary maximum to minimum in a day. For example if in an industries load varies from 70kW to 200kW , instead of having single 200kW generator set one can have two 100kW sets so that during low load single set can be run and as load goes up second DG can be synchronized.This reduces generator maitenance and prolongs its life. effectively.

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Sometimes it is difficult to procure single Generators for large capacity due to cost or maintenance point of view. Instead smaller set synchronized together can be use as alternate.

2X 1250 KVA Auto Synchronising Panel 

2 X 1250 KVA Auto Synchronizing Panel

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